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If it’s time to live at the pace of seasons instead of minutes, nothing beats the peaceful serenity of a calm lake especially during those photo worthy moments at sunrise and sunset. And with waterfront living you can anticipate as many lakeside sunrises and sunsets as you want. The lake's view upon awakening is the glossy shine across the water and falling asleep while sounds of splashing waves possess attractive features that have a positive impact on the everyday way of life. A lakefront home also has the flexibility to serve as a nature-centered sanctuary, social hub, or both. The great part – you choose!

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On any given summer’s day, there are likely to be a variety of watercraft cruising one of the many lakes including pontoons, speedboats, jet skis, etc. The joys of lakeside living unite the residents. Everyone around the lake appreciates the quality of life, and you get to participate in the combined contentment that arises from the many benefits of living there. Lakeside residents often engage in community events, especially on the Fourth of July and other summer holidays.

Not everything has to be a big bash, though. Having a couple of friends over for a barbecue or inviting a friend to go fishing brings great satisfaction as well. Things as simple as watching young children or grandchildren play on the shore or catch minnows with a net are delightful moments to treasure.

Owning a lakefront property becomes a retreat to enjoy year around. Once the lifestyle of serene water is within you - the wildlife, recreation, and vacation feel of waterfront living will forever be a part of you.


Have you ever vacationed at a waterfront property and wished you could live like that all the time? Well, you can. Northern New Jersey retains several bodies of water, including Lake Hopatcong. A variety of lakes and rivers are scattered about as well, offering plenty of opportunities for waterfront living. The agents at Clearview Realty are your lakefront specialists offering residents the ability to appreciate the beautiful, calming sunsets, as well as the fishing, boating, and great neighbors.

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